King Ludwig II. knew exactly why he built his fairytale castle Neuschwanstein in this diverse and dreamlike landscape.
In spring, fragrant meadows and snowy mountain peaks await you. A multitude of hiking and biking trails are guaranteed to drive away the sluggishness of winter. Water sports, spa concerts, folklore evenings or the cheerfulness of the traditional village festivals are only a small number of the diverse offers in summer. When the leaves change color in autumn, the traditional Colomansfest is a special highlight. About 200 riders in traditional costume with dressed up horses always parade on the 2nd Sunday in October to the pilgrimage church St. Coloman. Here the holy mass with horse diction takes place and you can enjoy the "Stade" time in winter. The Alpine Advent singing, a romantic snowshoe hike or a carriage ride to feed the game. The illuminated Neuschwanstein cross-country ski run or a ski tour to the Tegelberg with a rapid descent.
Whether active vacation or pure recovery: Schwangau offers the optimal vacation for you in each case Further suggestions for leisure activities, trip goals and current dates find you on the web page of the municipality Schwangau


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