Restaurant "Nova Posta"

The Di Genova family welcomes you to the NOVA POSTA.

For generations it has been a tradition in our family to make our passion our profession.

To be a host means for us to present you the variety of pleasure in a coherent ambience.

We let our Mediterranean cuisine be influenced by our mountains and the specialties of the alpine region.

Let our chefs spoil you and enjoy fresh fish and local meat prepared in Mediterranean style.

Beer and wine are selected with great care. With our partners, we have made a selection that matches our dishes and reaches every heart.

Freshly tapped draft beer from Bavarian breweries such as the Aktienbrauerei from Kaufbeuren or the Schlossbrauhaus from Schwangau. Selected wines from the best growing areas of the south and noble brandies from the local distillery Schroll will always accompany you with the highest standards of quality and taste.


Enjoy your stay in our restaurant -

You can reach us at 08362 / 982160




Your family Di Genova with the NOVA POSTA team